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Discovery Consultation 

  • 30-45 minutes 

  • Discuss wellness desires and intentions

  • Clarify areas of unease and desires for  improvement

  • Discover appropriate services available for your wellness journey



Intentional Breathing Workshop 

  • 4 week Program

  • Weekly, 40 min sessions

  • Focus on how to breathe for better wellness

  • Learn a new breathing technique during each session

  • Empower your own ability to heal yourself

  • Each technique can assist with managing stress, improve digestion, increase energy, better sleep, and relieving anxiety/depression

  • In-person or Virtual options available


Meditation Workshop

  • 4 week Program

  • Weekly, 40 min sessions

  • Release blocks, expectations, judgements that which surround presumptions of what meditation is or has to be

  • Explore practical meditation techniques that can be practiced at various times and in different settings

  • Increase your joyful energy, vibration, and connection

  • Actualize your own potential, gifts, and abilities

  • In-person or Virtual options available


Wellness Coaching


  • 60 min session

  • Bio-individual customized plan

  • Concentration on complete person wellness rather than a particular diet

  • Focus on 12 key elements of holistic health

  • Unlimited Email support

  • Resources, references, and materials to support your individual goals

  • In-person or Virtual options available

  • Package rates are available; dependent upon individual plan/needs         


Private Yoga Sessions

  • 1 hour session  

  • Each session created just for you

  • Each practice includes a short Breathwork practice, a yoga flow, and concludes with a Meditation 

  • Focus on your abilities, desires, and goals 

  • Different types of yoga available (Beginner, Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa)

  • Receive personalized attention and feedback as you explore your yoga journey

  • Discounted packages available based on availability 

                  $55​​/Virtual or $75/In-person

Yoga for Intentional Wellness 

              Mind - Body - Spirit

  • Intentional Living Signature Program (WEBSITE & PROGRAM - coming soon)

  • 6 month engagement

  • Focus on intentional nutrition, breath, meditation, movement, creativity, & connection 

  • Individualized plan

  • Self - Guided 

  • Virtual coaching & practices 

  • Community Support 

                   Investment: TBA


To place an order or for more information, please email, Kelley at:

$12 - General
$18 - Personalized

$20 - General
$25 - Personalized

$30 - General
$45 - Personalized