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Amanda Olmscheid

Amanda Olmscheid’s practice as a hypnotherapist and her own life experiences have brought her to a place of deeper understanding of Self and a passion for helping others move into a higher state of beingness.

Amanda is certified through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT). She received her training and education at A+ Academy of Hypnosis in Omaha, Nebraska. 
Amanda became a Certified Master Trainer in 2019 providing an opportunity to train and certify others in hypnotherapy. Through this training she offers a strong foundation of knowledge, experience, and practical hands-on training in hypnotherapy.
Amanda is also a certified BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) practitioner. During this training and certification process she gained a clearer understanding of the multifaceted layers of the human consciousness. BQH is one method of bringing insight, improvement, and relief to current or past personal experiences.
Amanda utilizes her education, innate intuitive abilities, and ongoing studies in the areas of hypnosis, consciousness, and quantum thinking to provide a unique and personalized experience to both her clients and students.

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Kelley Towne

Kelley is an Intuitive Health & Wellness Practitioner. Her trainings and life experiences have provided a deeper understanding of the beauty and joy found in living life with mindfulness and intention. She practices and teaches a variety of modalities that focus on finding peace, calm, and stillness in the continuous movement of our physical, mental, and spiritual existence.

After 20 years in the Hospitality Industry, Kelley changed her focus to pursue a path more in tune with her Higher Self.  She became a Health & Wellness Practitioner to fulfill her passion to work with others by guiding and empowering them to improve their overall wellness. Kelley received her Health Coach training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is also a certified Breathwork Coach and Meditation Facilitator. Kelley earned Yoga Teacher Certification from the Kaivalya Yoga program and currently teaches her style of yoga at a local studio.

Kelley finds her own life purpose in working with people to improve their health and wellness. She continues her studies in the areas of yoga, energy work, overall wellness, and spiritual expansion to provide all those she works with a clearer understanding of intentional being-ness.