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A Joy Hypnosis


  • To CREATE positive outcomes

  • To RELEASE all negative beliefs,  behaviors, habits & patterns

  • To RESTORE emotional balance to a more peaceful & natural state

  • To EXPLORE spiritual aspects of Self to create & maintain overall peace & wellness


                                $150/1.5hr session

BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) Hypnosis

  • To ACCESS the subconscious mind in order to visit past/present/future/parallel  lives

  • To INVITE a personal level of healing to the physical/mental/emotional/etheric bodies 

  • To COLLABORATE with your Higher Self to obtain universal understanding

  • To SEEK guidance and clarity within the Quantum levels of being

                                 $400/3.5hr session​

Quantum Coaching: 

  • To CONNECT with a deeper level of Self

  • To DEVELOP Quantum thinking abilities

  • To ELEVATE vibrational frequencies within mind, body, & spirit

  • To UNDERSTAND multifaceted levels of consciousness

                                $100/45min session

Other Offerings:

  • Classes & Workshops

  • Trainings

  • Public Speaking Events

  • Group Hypnosis

  • Small Discussion Groups

  • Individualized Script Writing


      Virtual options available for all services